Acoustic detection in a turn-of-the-century stairwell

If you have a turn-of-the-century stairwell with typical light fixtures that need updating, what do you do?

We spoke with Jaan Harrisson at EL & WATT, an installer focused on lighting, who has the answer. One of their clients wanted to update the lighting in a stairwell without replacing the existing fixtures or allowing any cables to be visible. Additionally, they wanted an invisible detector and the ability to dim the lighting.

The solution? A simpler renovation of the existing fixtures and a switch to high-quality LED filament lamps. Janne also installed an acoustic control that detects around corners and between floors, allowing for dimming of the lighting on the power side.

Video - Acoustic detection in turn-of-the-century buildings

Adapter for enclosure AD-series

Our acoustic detectors can now be adapted to the Renova and Exxact series with this adapter. 

Article number: 13070 | E 13 017 75

Renova serien
Renova enclosure