Wireless communication detectors


Unique detection technology that, along with radio protocol and mesh network, controls lighting!
The detectors communicate with the fixtures via the CASAMBI radio system. All settings are made through the Casambi app, where users can create different light levels at different times of the day.

With Casambi, you can save kilometers of cable wiring and the system can easily be changed in the future, for example, dividing an existing room into two rooms without having to run new wiring.


Sonny och Sebastian talks about our Casambi detectors.

What is needed?

Vad behövs

IR detector PD43 CASAMBI

Detection: PIR
Detection area: 40 x 40 meters
Operating voltage: 12-24VDC, 12VAC, DALI
Power consumption: 22mA
Relay output: Normally closed contact. 100 mA / 24V AC/DC
Article no: 13223 | E-number: 13 016 21

IR detector ceiling PDC43 CASAMBI

Detection: PIR
Detection area: 360°, 8.7 meters at a height of 3 meters
Operating voltage: 12-24VDC, 12VAC, DALI
Power consumption: 22mA
Relay output: Normally closed contact. 100 mA / 24V AC/DC
Article no: 13222 | E-number: 13 017 22

Application areas

The PD43/PDC43 are passive infrared detectors intended for presence detection and control of DALI and Casambi fixtures. As long as a detector is connected to the DALI bus, the detector can control DALI fixtures. The control of Casambi fixtures is done wirelessly via radio protocol in a mesh network.

Mesh technology where all Casambi products function as both signal amplifiers and information distributors, making the system robust and allowing for continued system function even if one device fails.

Detection area for PD43 with lens no. 15

Detection area for PDC43

Office spaces

In office spaces with different types of rooms and corridors, the choice of detectors depends on the layout of the rooms. In offices and conference rooms, the ceiling detector PD43 works well and in corridors, it is better to choose the corner-mounted detector PD43.

Warehouse aisles

Lens no. 17 can detect up to 50 meter long warehouse aisles. The mounting height can be up to 25 meters.


In corridors that are up to 40 meters long, standard lens no. 15 can be used. In longer corridors, lens no. 47 can be used and the PD detector will reach up to 80 meters.


With Casambi detectors, it is easy to divide garages into different zones in the Casambi app, and control the lighting in each zone separately.


To adapt the PD detector to the respective location, the lens can be changed. The PD detectors are delivered with standard lens no. 15. There are several different lenses available for the detector to optimize detection.
Please feel free to contact Extronic with any questions.

Acoustic detector AD46 CASAMBI

Detection: Sound
Detection area: 50 m in diameter
Operating voltage: 12-24VDC, 12VAC, DALI
Power consumption: 28mA
Art. nr: 13220 | E-number 13 016 20

Properties of AD46 CASAMBI

  • Detection range: maximum range of 50 m in diameter depending on location and interior.
  • Detects door opening via pressure change (LF sound).
  • Detects audible sounds (HF sound), such as speech, footsteps, key jingling, etc.
  • Automatic ignition via detector or manual ignition via push button.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • HF block: only turns on lighting via low-frequency sound.
  • HF sound: then helps to keep the lighting on.

Detection range
Range of up to 50 m in diameter depending on location and interior.


Stairwells are often enclosed spaces where access is through several doors. This makes the acoustic technology beneficial, the only technology that provides lighting when the door opens. One to two acoustic detectors are usually enough to detect a stairwell with five floors depending on location and interior.

Changing room / shower room

Changing rooms are an excellent example of a space where acoustic technology is superior. The acoustic detector detects presence behind clothes and around cabinets that an IR detector would have missed. The same detector can detect presence in both changing rooms and shower rooms.

Basement corridor, attic

In enclosed basement and attic spaces, the acoustic technology is unparalleled, the only technology that provides lighting when the door to the room opens. Detection of presence also occurs in open storage areas and through grille doors.
Detektering av närvaro sker även in i öppna förråd och genom gallerdörrar.

AD46 as a helper detector

Acoustic detectors are used as helper detectors in combination with IR detection in, for example, corridors where one or more entrances are hidden from the IR detector.
AD46 detects the low frequencies that occur when a hidden door is opened and turns on the lighting. Acoustic detection alone does not always work satisfactorily, for example, due to completely covered carpets that dampen the higher frequencies.

Connection examples

Two connection examples. The first example of the Casambi detector is powered by a DALI power supply. It allows for the connection and control of DALI fixtures on the DALI bus.

The second example is powered by a smaller 24VDC power supply that fits in a box.

Functions between the two examples are possible because the detectors communicate wirelessly with each other via Bluetooth.

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